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Automatically check for outdated dependencies and references, update on the and report on your team's progress.

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Grader Helps Teams Manage Their Software

With one-click integration Grader is suitable for small hobby projects up to multimillion pound, high value, high complexity business software.

Checking that your code is referencing the latest dependencies and keeping them up to date is a boring chore that should be automated. With Grader it can be, relieving you of the easy, repetitive work to allow you to focus on what you do best.

One-Click Setup

Get started in seconds with GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket integration, then choose your projects. No configuration necessary.

Gamify The Toil

Score you projects on the many aspects of code quality, then challenge your colleagues to have better quality code than you.

High Level Reports

Understand the quality of your code and trends over time with a historical record of the quality of all projects in your organisation.

Outdated Dependency Detection

Be notified if your project falls behind the latest dependencies. Supporting NPM, Nuget, Maven, Bower, Docker, Go, Pip dependencies and more.

Code Quality and Linting

How clean is your code? Understand the quantity and quality of your code with code smell discovery and linting.

Set Your Own Standards

Apply custom analysis to your own projects. Help enforce internal standards and easily add new rules to understand and maintain the health of your projects.

Quality in 3 easy step

Sign in using OAuth

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • BitBucket

Using OAuth you can give Grader access to your code in your repository. Grader will install webhooks to re-scan your code whenever you push.

OAuth allows easy integration in to your own repository hosting in the cloud or on premise, including the rich access controls already defined on your repository.

Tell Grader What To Do

With one click, register any project or projects with Grader. Grader will immediately start analysing your project.

Check Out The Feedback

Relax while Grader analyses your projects and summarises it's findings for you.

Summaries at a glance and details reports will tell you everything you need to know, and how important it is to act.

  • Outdated Dependency Detection
  • Code Quality And Linting
  • Custom Analysis and Reports

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